Presenting myself

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I introduce myself,
Hugo, young craftsman 28 years old.

I decided to create in April 2017 Frenchy Vintage Store
I wanted a name that could bring out the vintage side by which I started,

by purchasing and reinstating certain items.

I then customized small furniture,

then with time I started bigger projects.

I also make furniture from scratch.
Either based on a starting idea or from an object.

I also adapt to the customer's request and advice when it is desirable for the personalization of furniture but also interiors.


I am self-taught in this field,
but I went through several trades

and I have always been manual.

Beginning with a bodywork, then painting,

I was also a TIG welder, then I did a training

photographer and events brokers (weddings, baptism ...).

Today I want to make my knowledge available to my clients

by offering them a quality service, a follow-up,

as well as a real personalization according to their ideas.


Looking forward to reading you or meeting you.


Welcome to Frenchy Vintage Store

Furniture and interior decoration
Catering & Customization on demand